Pre-Plan for 2025 TruckShowX: Explore Low/Zero Emission Truck Finance

Pre-Plan for 2025 TruckShowX: Explore Low/Zero Emission Truck Finance

With the Brisbane Truck Show set to take place in 2025, don’t let that stop you from marking your calendars for TruckShowX next year. Although it might seem a while away, we all know how fast a business can pick up as the year move on, leaving you rushing to get everything done. Kickstart your pre-planning now by securing your accommodation, grabbing those early bird tickets, and delving into the realm of low emission & zero emission vehicle financing to keep yourself well prepared before the curtain rises on TruckShowX.

Many operators in different industry sectors are now seriously considering what it takes to decarbonize their fleet network. According to the HVIA, one of the major highlights of the Brisbane Truck Show last year was growing interest in the new emerging technologies in the sector and about zero emission vehicles. This growing interest motivated the HVIA to establish an event focused on sharing some insights & providing advice into the requirements for smoothly transitioning to a low and zero emissions transportation sector.

For those planning this shift, TruckShowX is shaping up to be a must-attend event, offering the essential information needed to make key business decisions for their operations.

What is TruckShowX?

Hosted by the HVIA, the TruckShowX marks a milestone for the Australian trucking and transport sector, being the first event to focus on low and zero emissions transport. This event will feature the presentations offering various kinds of insights from the global players in this field. It will also feature case studies from some of the pioneering Australian operators in the field of decarbonisation.

As on add-on to the above, the event will also include an expo-style showcase of new zero/low emission vehicles and emerging technologies. The event attendees will have the chance to drive the new zero emission vehicles (ZEVs) on the Drive day. The presentations from some of the early adopters of the new technologies such as Hydrogen, Renewable diesel, and battery-powered vehicles will provide the valuable insights on various operational aspects, along with the required infrastructure, its maintenance & service, desired skills, and allied training.

Open Discussions on Low/Zero Emission Vehicle Financing and Truck Loans

When it comes to acquiring new vehicles, especially those based on the emerging technologies, truck fleet financing is one of the critical factors. It is never too early to start discussions with one of our brokers about your options as to how we can assist you. Acquiring new technology-based vehicles can bring various kinds of questions regarding the option for truck loans and financing. Our team of experienced brokers is available for all sorts of initial discussions to address any of your queries or doubts regarding the low and zero emissions vehicle financing.

When we talk about the available funding products, the same asset acquisition funding products being used for financing the traditional diesel vehicles can be used to finance these new emerging technology vehicles. As the market specialists in heavy vehicle credit, our truck loans brokers stay abreast of the latest developments in this industry to ensure that they can connect the interested buyers with the lenders offering the best financing terms.

Our selection of the funding products includes:

  • Heavy Vehicle Leasing
  • Chattel Mortgage
  • Rent to Own
  • Commercial Hire Purchase

The fleet operators may explore their eligibility for the state or federal government programs supporting investment in the low emission assets along with the available standard tax deductions.

New Operator Low/Zero Emission Truck Financing

Acquiring a low or zero emissions vehicle can be a fantastic first step for operators starting their own business, whether as a sole trader or with a Pty Ltd set-up. However, getting approved for funding as a new operator can be challenging. Our brokers are here to help the new operators secure workable no-document truck loans through our expert lenders.

You can initiate discussions about financing for zero and low emissions vehicles with an online contact or a simple phone call.

Why wait? Contact Loan Junction today to start the conversation about heavy vehicle finance and truck loans ahead of main event – TruckShowX.

Don’t miss this opportunity to pave the way for your business with the right truck financial support.

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