• Inexpensive interest charges: To ensure reduced monthly payments, you save much on your truck loan through the 40 plus lenders we have.
  • Loan payback period is flexible: The repayment terms can be extended for a maximum of seven years enabling you to select one that is affordable to you.
  • No charges are made when starting: There are no upfront fees thereby making it possible to finance your vehicle immediately.
  • Quick approval process: Our quick approval processes enable one get cash instantly.
  • Great customer service: We have a group of well-informed and skilled personnel who will assist you in finding the finest truck loan possible.

Why You Should Choose Us For Truck Loans

  • Well-established finance brokers whom clients believe in and who provide cheap loans since time immemorial
  • With a huge network of lenders available, we will find the best deal regardless of your credit score or financial status.
  • Different types of truck loans exist that cater for every specific need; new trucks, used ones, commercial vehicles or even heavy duty.
  • We are committed to making sure that you have a great customer service experience and leave with maximum satisfaction. Our team is always available to answer your questions and guide you through the entire financing process.

Contact us today if you need a truck loan. We shall be glad to hear from you in order to discuss your requirements and match you with the perfect financing solution.

Kinds of Truck Loans:

The most common kind of truck loan is chattel mortgage, which is a secured loan whereby the truck someone wants to buy becomes collateral for it meaning that in case of default, the lender can grab it away from him or her. This implies that if one fails to repay it, the lender has right over his or her truck. Chattel mortgages are usually cheaper than unsecured loans because they typically come with lower interest rates.

Finance lease on its part is another type of secured loan where one hires out this truck for a specified period by this borrower himself or herself. The choice after this lease period includes buying the truck back, returning it or simply renewing the lease again as well as finance leases. Unlike chattel mortgages which have higher monthly payments and lesser interest paid throughout its lifetime.

A small business loan, as the name suggests, is only available for small businesses. It’s possible to use small business loans in various ways including a truck purchase. Small business loans tend to have higher interest rates than chattel mortgages or finance leases but can be repaid more flexibly.

The best truck loan for you will depend on your personal circumstances and requirements. If your credit score is good enough and you can pay some deposit, then a chattel mortgage could be the right choice for you. On the other hand, if your credit score is low or do not afford any down payment, then finance lease may suit you better. When it comes to small business owners though, a small business loan would be ideal.

Consideration of these things when deciding upon a truck loan:

  • How much money that need to borrow
  • The term of the loan
  • The rate of interest
  • Monthly repayments
  • Down payment
  • Your credit rating
  • Requirements for your company

Comparing different lenders and shopping around are important before you choose a truck loan. Banks, credit unions and other financial institutions can give you quotes. You should also be ready to divulge certain aspects about your business, income and credit history to the lender.

Loan Process

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