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Looking to build your dream home but need financial support? Look no further! We specialize in construction loans, tailored to suit your needs. With a network of over 40 lenders, we ensure competitive rates and flexible terms, making your construction journey smoother than ever. From securing land to completing your project, we’re here every step of the way to provide the financial assistance you need. Build with confidence, backed by our expertise and extensive lender partnerships. Let’s turn your vision into reality together.

Ready to build or renovate your dream home?

We undertake all the research to get the best construction loans for your needs, saving you the time and stress.


Building or renovating the house of your dreams?

Before signing a building contract, it’s a good idea to investigate your financing possibilities if you’re considering building your own home from scratch.

We offer financing options for purchasing off-the-plan homes, new construction, and house and land bundles.

Because the land and building purchases need to be settled separately, getting a loan to build a home differs from getting one to purchase an existing home.

The Application Stage

Your lender will probably manage your initial loan as two separate but simultaneous applications – one for the land acquisition and the second for the completed house and land cost.

The second application will eliminate the first loan and leave you with just one loan.

The Construction Stage

Many lenders will also demand you to begin construction on your property within two years after settlement. This does not mean you must complete the home within this period; only that you must begin.

The construction of your home is generally in several stages, with payments required at the end of each stage.

The Repayment Stage

Your minimum repayment will change depending on what stage your home has reached because the bank or lender only charges you for the money you have drawn down.

Loan Process

We follow a systematic process that keeps everything on track and discipline is what drives us forward.

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Of course! Borrowing capacity refers to how much you can borrow from a lender. To get an estimate of your borrowing capacity go to our calculator: How much can I borrow? If you want to get an in depth review of your borrowing capacity, get in touch today.
With over 60 lenders, you and I are spoiled for choice. I narrow my search down through talking to you about your wants and needs. I will show you your options, listing the pros and cons of each loan and ultimately we will come to a decision together.